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Post Info TOPIC: After you loose your "Grey Nomad" status, what then????


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After you loose your "Grey Nomad" status, what then????

I've been looking into "RETIREMENT VILLAGES"... What an absolute minefield....The rip offs are unbelievable, one place I tactfully enquired as to what happened to the upfront money to purchase a "Villa" "Oh we consider that a donation"   JFC a $400,000 "donation"????? Sorry no thanks, I'll keep looking... Easy to see how the "Senior Grey Nomads" can get ripped off though....

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geeez bas that seems a bit rich, who the hells got $400k to give away, have you looked in to the lifestyle villages, the idea there is that you buy your home ( copper coast currently in the $250 - $300k mark ) 1 - 2 - 3 bedroom and come and go as you please, a small upkeep fee for ground maintanance and it belongs to you. what happens when one is so decrepit ( god forbid ) that one cant stay I dont know, I guess you sell up and move to an oldies place, where of course as you know we get the "best of care" anyway hope its not too soon mate, stay on the road as long as you keep missing the other drivers ashamed guess it comes to us all at some stage

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After you loose the "Grey nomad status,what then???

No worries Basil,thats when ya get to play fun games with the grankids like "Alziemers and my favourite one called,incontinence"It's amazing how many "Bottom wipes ya can get for $400,000 big ones!!"Especially if ya explain how much of thier inheritance ya not spending on a condo at a senior farm.

After ya loose ya "Status"I would be thinking of giving what ya can to the rellies with a few catches attached,like,look after me till I fade away and it's all yours.It's safer to write ya own "Small print" then to read/sign someone elses.That statement about"Oh,we consider that a donation" sounds like "Small print" if ever I heard one.

The difference between "birds and humans" is,birds don't get to choose thier cage.


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