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Post Info TOPIC: Part 3 of our 70 day trip to WA


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Part 3 of our 70 day trip to WA

Hi all,

The drive from Gas Coin Juntion to Carnarvon is 160km on a good sealed road, Watch the Roo's in the morning leaving town, I honk the horn continualy when we see them, and this works 99% of the time. But fate would have it one young Roo could not make up it mine on which way to go this morning and slid under our rig.

Cranking back for one moment Dougwe asked about our evening with the Fush and Chups munchers. We stayed in contact as we neared Mullewa. They were way behind with the finishing of their new digs. So we said that we would contact them when we were coming back down the coast, to see where they were at then.

We Stocked up in Carnarvon proper making use of the last of the cheaper fuel and Woollies specials. It was another 400km to reach Yardie Homestead CVpark where we planned to stay for three weeks of rest, fishing, walking the long beaches.

The signs were every where that things were on the down turn. More shops closed with the down turn in the mining industry. We meet our friends from Adelaide and a plans were put in place for a return with the boat next year to catch a feed or two. We meet a couple of girls, one of witch loved fishing and had never caught a fish on lures. Well as usual I couldn't help myself. I gave some instruction on the how to's and on her fourth cast she was on. Oh my god what is it she screams.Its taking all the line. Ha just a goldern travelly. Ten minutes of pump and wind we beached 6kg of goldern T. She got on her mobile  phone to tell the world. One more happy kid ( 38yo).I love catching Flathead and the looks on peoples faces when they see a lure hanging out of there mouths, sends them running to the tackle shop.(I should get a commission from the locals.)

smile PS: NOTE EXMOUTH to now has a 24hour card only Servo 5-6 cents cheaperer then the Caltex servo on the main drag. in the industrial section 10km south of the town. SAYING this EXMOUTH FUEL SUPPLIES matches the 24 hour unit, And we support local Business.

Three weeks past in a blur, and it was time to move on. But first we have to head back to Carnarvon to have the water pump looked at, as it works not works and works again.cry plus to stock up for our trip out to visit the Blow holes north of Carnarvon about 78km and and another 10km to Qubba Station for a spot of fishing NOT.

The seas we up and the blow holes were great entertainment. The council runs a CV park with a Dump point here and there are a lot of long termers setup for the winter months.. Theres no drinking water here, and very basic. Qubba station is a much better option with power fire pits and small store.

As a young lad, I had read many magazines with the stories of the fishing of the rocks. The seas are so dangerous that the station store lends out life jackets at no cost.

The fishing at the right times of the year would be great. But no fish is worth ones life here with dozens of plaques littering this section of the coast. I used to fish from the stones as a lad.I was told in one year that four fishos lost their lives here, and I can see

Lambie takes a shower and yep the water pump does its thing. Its not the pump because when it works, it works fine. Im on my crook back playing with the wires of the house monitor. house power on water pump on, nothing. Their are two sets of plug in wires if only I can get at them from the front. Back to the mountain of books that came with the van, it shows the installation diagram. Voirila the monitors face sides up and off with a small amount of pressure. Like two thumbs worth. All that work on my acking back.

Anyway the unit lifts up and forward and again more POOR conections. By putting a small amount of Blue Tack in between these two sets of plugs it remains working. The whole unit is stuffed. Fill the water tanks and it reads empty. when half full it says its full. Hours remaining on the house battery read out works one day and not the next. Grey water tank is 3/4 full when its always They will be replacing it. Oh the joys of owning a new van.

after a few nights at Qubba its back to Carnarvon where We are told its the water pump. I tell him the opposite and we kept it working for the rest of our trip. After two nights the wind is biting and we head south to Geraldton.

We read in the West Australian news paper while in Exmouth, that Geraldton was to trial a new FREE CAMP IN THE MIDDLE of the town by months end. Perfect timing and we make a be line for the information centre down by the water.Hi there we read in the paper and he points out the window. Over there next to the grain loader.24hour stopping.

The workmen were still marking it out, for self contained vans and motor homes only. walk the foreshore walk to woollies etc. BUT once only for us as the grain trains arrived at 12 midnight followed by ships leaving with tugs at 3am followed by the next ship docking. Not for us. LIVE and LEARN.

While filling up, an older couple tell us that they stayed at the light house CV park, and 4 vans were entered while the owners slept. Mobile phones laptops and wallets, plus this ladies necklace were taken. The police were confident her necklace would turn up as it was very very identable.nonono

We travel next to wild flower country. But first we have to contact Bruce and Bev to see how the new house is going down south,and if they are up for Fush & Chups Plus.

To be contin

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Hi Jim & Lambie, Thanks for the warning about the Geraldton freecamp. I'm a light sleeper so no good for me. Also, pity help those thieves if they broke into my van while I slept! I wouldn't take to it kindly and the whole park would soon know about it. ( They'd probably hear about it in town too) Good reason to stay away from LH caravan park as well. NH.
ps Don't people lock up at night?



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Jim & Lambie, have just read your blog, very enjoyable. There sure have been some up and down times.



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Hi Jim,

I have sent you a PM asking about your chain saw.




(Picture of my beloved Molly (2003 - 2016) who loved the travels as much as I do. RIP old girl. Gone but never forgotten).



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Thanks Hey Jim, your latest reminded us of our visit to Quobba, and the rest of the west coast. We did not fish, we are not into fishing but did snorkel.


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